Flowers Departs to Detroit

Now is the time of year where all the Patriots ‘fans’ and local sports media freak out about the Patriots moves, or lack thereof, and start to doom the next season. Look, I’d be lying if I said this move doesn’t suck. It does. I liked Flowers just like you all did. He was great and showed signs of having a great career. But there comes a point where the price gets too high. and 5 years at over 17 million a year is where the price gets too high.

Before everyone freaks out about this, take a breath. The Patriots have made a dynasty on not overpaying for players. Have there been a few exceptions? Sure. But generally speaking, this team values having multiple players who are good, as opposed to having one or two great players. You shouldn’t be surprised when the Pats only make a few noteworthy moves this offseason unlike other teams who just try to make the ‘splash’ move just to appease the fanbase. This organization knows how to build a successful team year in and year out. So say it with me now, everything is gonna be okay.

P.S. There was another move that has happened today regarding the Patriots. Starting Left Tackle, Trent Brown, has went to the Raiders on a MASSIVE deal.

I believe this deal will make Brown the highest paid offensive lineman in the league. Yeah, that deal is just not gonna be offered by the Patriots. Never gonna happen. Good for Brown, he really deserves it. He protected the blind side of the greatest quarterback of all time. BUT, Pats fans rejoice, waiting in the wings in first round pick Isaiah Wynn who was supposed to be the starting LT last year before he got hurt. So again, all is well guys, just take a deep breath. We’re all good.

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