Patriots Acquire Michael Bennett

As a Patriots fan, I have a blind faith in almost everything that they do. When they got rid of Jamie Collins, I didn’t complain. When they got rid of Chandler Jones, I stayed quiet. When they got rid of overrated Malcolm Butler, I applauded it. But this? I can’t stand Michael Bennett.

Don’t get me wrong, I think he will produce here. That is obvious. He was ranked as a top 5 pass rusher in the league last year with the trash team Eagles. He is an impact player at a position that the Patriots always seem to be lacking in big moments. So that is all fine and good. But like I said, I hate the guy. He sucks. He is a problem.

Have you seen his shoulder pads? Or lack thereof? The dude trots out there wearing like…little league shoulder pads for some reason. I don’t care if it helps deter the offensive lineman from grasping him. I don’t care if he thinks it gives him more mobility in his arms. I think it look stupid. Aaron Donald is an absolute FORCE on the defensive line and he doesn’t have to wear itsy bitsy shoulder pads. Get outta here with that nonsense.

Then there’s the time he over exaggerated details in a police altercation involving him back in 2017 where he claimed that the police used excessive force and racially profiled him during a shooting incident in Vegas. Come to find out none of that really happened how Bennett explained. There was a police cam of the night and from what was shown on that, no real wrongdoing occurred. Now could something have happened off camera? Sure. You can have whatever opinion you want on the situation. I just don’t like the guy.

Bennett also was one of the ones to try to start a brawl with the New England Patriots after we ripped their hearts out of their chests in the Super Bowl. Remember that? All the Pats were trying to do was kneel the ball so we could go home with yet ANOTHER ring, and this jackass had to get all butthurt about it. Even threw some punches at Gronk. I. Do. Not. Like. This. Man. And neither will you by the time this season is done.

Now I understand that we really got him on the cheap. From what I have read the Pats are giving the Eagles a 5th rounder in the 2020 draft and in return will be getting Bennett as well as a 7th rounder in that same draft. Great. An above average talent that is low risk high reward. Bennett is owed about 15 mil over the next two years so he’s really not going to cost you much either. My other worry is what this means for players coming and going with the team moving forward.

Like I mentioned, Gronk and Bennett did have their differences in the Super Bowl. Is that going to carry over? Gronk has already been on record about last year being a bit stressful for him. Why would you add someone who could make that worse for him? Also, remember Trey Flowers? Yeah, what does the signing of Michael Bennett mean for him!? If this means that he is going to replace Flowers then I am going to hate this trade even more. Lock up Flowers for the long haul. Even though I know you will have to pay a premium for him, I think he is worth it. And he clearly loves playing here so who knows if he would give the Pats a hometown discount of sorts.

The only bright side I see here is that Bennett does have a brother. A brother who has been with the Pats before and loved being here: Michael Bennett. He is an above average tight end that the team could really use in order to give Gronk some rest here and there. They both have a pretty good relationship as well so maybe this would entice Gronkowski to keep playing and not go into retirement.

Bottom line is, I know that this move is going to be good for the team. Bennett will produce and most likely not cause any waves. But still, I hate it.

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