One Month Ago The Patriots Were On Top Of The Football World

Exactly one month ago today, the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams to become the Super Bowl Champions. Winning their 6th out of 9 appearances in the last 2 decades. That’s dominance ladies and gentlemen.

Allow me let my fandom shine through a little bit here if you will. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently, this team was counted out early in the year. Starting 2-2 and then losing back to back games in December gave all the sports pundits more than enough ammo to signify the end of the dynasty. Little did they know that by the years end, everyone would be eating crow while this team reigned victorious once again.

The thing you need to understand when talking about the Patriots is that they do not care about the optics of their season. All that matters in this region is winning. Titles. Rings. Trophies. That’s why they do what they do. No one puts personal goals or achievements above winning. And THAT is why this team will always be better than you and your pathetic team. If there’s a player on the team that tries to buck this trend or get a little selfish? Gone.

Remember Jamie Collins? He was freelancing on defense too much so they shipped his ass to Cleveland. Chandler Jones? Pretty good player but wanted too much money for what he did. Sent him out to Arizona. Not to mention that whole incident where he showed up to a police station shoeless on drugs. Even the Hall Of Famer Randy Moss started to become a little malcontent towards the end of his contract and guess what happened? Bill shipped him out. No one is above the team. No ones individual stats are more important than winning. No one is owed any amount of money. You need to work for your contract and almost always take a pay cut. But what’s the payoff? Year in and year out you’re in the running to make it to the Super Bowl. No other team can offer that.

Last year you had people saying Tom Brady was done. His arm was a ‘wet noodle’. He couldn’t make all the throws. He was shying away from contact. You heard people say the defense was too slow. They had no stars. No first round draft picks! The team let their starting left tackle walk. They let one of the most electric pass catching running backs go. Danny Amendola went to a team within the division. But guess what? Nothing changed. Sure, were there some bumps in the road to start? Of course. But that’s nothing different. Bill Belichick has always said that the first 4 weeks of the season are just an extension of the pre season. It does not matter how you start, it matters how you finish.

You even had die hard fans questioning this team last year. Hand up, I was one of them. If only for a day, I sat there thinking “ this really the end?.” I remember the exact moment it happened too. Do you recall the Miami Miracle game? Yeah, Nicole and I went to that game. Everything was going according to plan until the very last play. I refuse to go into detail, you all already know what happened. But I remember being home after that game doubting this team. Uncharacteristic losses happen. Especially for this team down in Miami. I swear to god it’s like they enter an alternate dimension whenever they go down there. But for some reason this felt different to me. Or so I thought. I will never again doubt this team as long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are at the helm.

By the end of the year it was obvious that the chatter around the country had gotten into the locker room. Brady himself even admitted that he knows everyone ‘thinks we suck’, Edelman came out with the ‘Bet Against Us’ shirts. Then there is the media tour Kyle Van Noy went on after the Super Bowl where he rubbed it in everyones faces, proving that this team heard all the bullshit. And responded. The North Remembers.

But back to the reason I wrote this blog, the Patriots won the Super Bowl a month ago. And like the title says, they were on top of the football world. But has anything really changed? The New England Patriots will always be on top of the NFL world as long as there are jealous, butthurt people out there. Of which there are MANY. Instead of worrying about your own team and looking inward to see what can be done to better yourselves, you look at the team from the North and blame everything on them.

Haters only hate people that they can’t be. And no one in this league can ever be the New England Patriots. So fall in line and respect the greatness.

P.S. I want to take a little credit for this win by the way. The last two years that I have made a hype video for the Pats, they’ve won the Super Bowl. I’m not saying its ALL because of me, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the team watched this video before the Super Bowl.

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