Do People Need Directions In 2019?

I just got off the phone with a customer at work, literally 60 seconds ago, and they asked where my dealership is. I told them the address and then I heard them kind of mutter and whisper to themselves under their breath. Then he says, “Okay is that like..past John Young or is it before?” And I came to a realization…why the fuck are people still asking for directions like this in 2019!?

Listen, I am the absolute worst with directions. You have no idea. I am just constantly in a state of confusion when it comes to where I am. I could literally drive somewhere on Saturday and then try to go to the same exact place on Sunday and have no idea how to get there. Its a problem. Nicole and I routinely argue about it because my stupidity with how to get places upsets her to no end. But you wanna know what helps me get by? THE FUCKING GPS ON MY PHONE!

We all literally have a mini GPS in our pockets so we can figure out how to get to where we need to go. There is absolutely no need to ask anyone for directions ever at any point in time. Someone tells you go to somewhere and you don’t know how to get there? No worries! Use your god damn phone! That’ll make it so you don’t have to talk to people like me, who live in a constant state of being lost 24/7.

It gets me so frustrated when people ask me where to go because when I can’t really tell them exactly how to get here they walk away or leave the conversation disappointed. Its like I am the one who should feel bad in this situation. But not so fast asshole, this is your fault! You didn’t need to ask me for directions. You did this to yourself! There are like..5 different navigation apps that you can download, but no, you decided to ask me. That’s on you buddy.

Ugh. Moral of the story is stop asking people for directions. Its pointless. It actually makes YOU look like the idiot. It makes people look at you like, “Uhhh…I mean…do you not know how to use GPS? Are you that dumb?” So jokes on you! Congratulations, you played yourself.

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