Dark Phoenix.

So here is the final trailer most likely for X Men: Dark Phoenix. Ugh. I really want to say this looks good. But it kinda just looks like another mess from Fox. Maybe I have such a negative outlook on these movies just because of their track record but really, this movie looks a bit shaky.

I will say this though, it APPEARS as if Jennifer Lawrences ‘Mystique’ gets the axe in this movie which will be a welcome sight for me. In my eyes, she has played a huge part in destroying this franchise. She is not good in any of these movies and her character is just so insufferable at times it makes you just want someone to take her out. Which again, seems like Jean finally does in this movie. Good job by Fox for spoiling that in this trailer though.

Who knows, I’m sure this movie will be entertaining and you can bet your ass I’ll see it in theaters, but definitely not opening night.

Sophie Turner does such a great job portraying Jean Grey that its sad to see her turn with the character come to an end in what seems to be a jumbled mess. The Phoenix is such an amazing, rich character and I just know that Fox is going to fumble it here. The character deserves a couple movies to fully flesh out her story arc. But instead we get a slight nod to it in Apocalypse and then a rushed movie just to try to grab as many fans as possible as these characters are on their way out the door.


P.S. I don’t know how they can do better, but The Beast just look so fucking corny and dumb in these movies it almost instantly takes you out of it the second you see him. Ugh. Thank god these characters are going back to Marvel Studios.

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