BREAKING NEWS: New X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Drops At Midnight!!!!

I just realized that the X-Men twitter actually tweeted this already yesterday but I didn’t see it so as far as I’m concerned this is breaking news!

I know this iteration of the X-Men has been met with lukewarm responses for the most part, I for one am pretty pumped about this movie. I love Jean Greys whole story arch with her becoming the Phoenix so I have pretty high hopes for this flick. It helps that Sophie Turner can do no wrong in my eyes, I mean, she’s Sansa freaking Stark for crying out loud!

This for all intents and purposes will be the end of the Fox version of the X-Men before Marvel Studies finally takes it back so I really do hope that they go out with a bang. I personally would like to see Jean destroy the entire universe (yes, she is THAT powerful) only to have Quicksilver run everything back in time. Kind of a little soft reboot to get all the characters ready to be done right within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fingers crossed! Make sure you stay tuned for the trailer drop tonight!……or just watch it on Youtube the next day like most people probably will.

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