Pokemon Day is Today!?

I’m not really sure what this means or why its a thing but holy shit Happy Pokemon Day everybody!!!! I’m not even really sure how we celebrate this though. Do we all dress like Ash and run around throwing pokeballs at people? I feel like that’d be pretty fun actually.

You see how god damn good I looked as Ash? I pulled that shit off big time. #PokemonMaster

Anyway, if you are around my age, Pokemon was a huge part of your life growing up. Well, only if you were a cool kid…which I totally was. I still have every single one of my Pokemon cards and no I will never sell them. Memories are more valuable than money and those cards have a shit ton of memories that go along with them!

And don’t even get me started about the games. I had every game up until I think the FireRed version. Then after that life started to get in the way and I had to abandon my love. But you can bet your ass that I have an emulator downloaded on my phone and I still play each of them from time to time. I remember I had the most DIFFICULT time beating the Yellow Version. My god that shit was so difficult. I don’t even remember exactly why, but it just was for some reason.

While we are on the subject of Pokemon, have you seen the trailers to the Detective Pikachu movie!?

This movie has NO business looking this good but my god I will be there opening weekend.

P.S. PETA needs to slow their fucking role recently. Talking shit about Steve Irwin a few days ago and now this!? Settle down..

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