Kaepernick To The Pats?

There has been a lot of noise around Colin Kaepernick and if/when he will end up back in the NFL recently. Most of it started when his attorney randomly brought up the fact that it would not surprise him if Robert Kraft made a move (it’d be a welcome sight to see him make a move on someone other than a masseuse). And of course, for some odd reason, the Patriots are getting brought up as a potential landing spot. Which makes zero sense.

For starters, the Patriots already have a back up QB in Brian Hoyer. He is backing up the greatest quarterback in the history of football, Tom Brady. Not only is Brady the personification of longevity in a sport that has an average playing life of 3-6 years, but he also very rarely ever gets hurt. Other than the 2008 season where he got his knee blown out in the opener against the Chiefs, Brady has been an Iron Man in the league.

Want to know how many snaps Brian Hoyer took during the regular season last year? 27. 27 out of 1,119 snaps taken by a Patriots quarterback. I don’t have the technology to find out what percentage that is, but I’m sure it’s very, very low.

Now tell me this, why would the Patriots sign Kaepernick to be a backup when their current backup sees the field less than almost anyone on the entire team? It makes no sense!

The amount of unnecessary publicity and media circus that Kap would bring would be insane. For a team that is currently dealing with their owner getting a few happy endings, I don’t think now would be the best time to bring in a QB who, just last year, was trying to take the NFL to court over a collusion case.

Don’t even try to say that the Patriots and McDaniels would add a bunch of pages to the playbook solely to showcase Kaepernick and his skillset (which is limited by the way). McDaniels is gonna have enough on his plate trying to keep this offense fresh and unique while possibly dealing with the loss of Rob Gronkowski. I feel like taking time away from that to try to find cool gadget plays for a backup QB would be time not well spent.

While I agree that Colin Kaepernick should be in the league, regardless of how I feel about all that has happened with him, there is absolutely no reason for the New England Patriots to sign him. Now let’s actually talk about the media circus he would bring.

Can you imagine if Brady has a similar start to the season that he did this year with Kaepernick sitting behind him waiting in the wings? Holy shit I can see it now. Stephen A Smith would be saying the smart football move would be to move on from Brady, but they won’t because of..*gasp*..you guessed it, racism! Then the conversation would switch to how Boston and New England has always been full of racists and its no surprise that a sports team up there is going to follow suit.

Or how about during a late season game where Brady may throw an uncharacteristic pick or two, not throw any touchdowns and have his team lose to an inferior opponent? Guess what everyone would be saying? “The cliff is here. Its time to put in Colin Kaepernick and end the Brady Era in New England. Tom Brady is DONE!” The amount of second guessing every time Brady has a bad drive or bad game would be ridiculous. Even though any sane person would clearly be able to see that Brady is a much better decision than a quarterback who has been out of the game for over 2 years. And I don’t care if everyone says he is keeping his body in shape. There is a difference from being in good shape and good FOOTBALL shape. The only way to get in football shape is to actually play football.

I get that there he is a very polarizing figure and has been for years, but whatever your opinion on how Kaepernick went about his business, you have to admit that he would most likely be better than a quarter of the schlubs playing the position right now. And that is exactly why he has no business being on the Patriots. If he is even slightly a starting caliber quarterback, there’s no reason for him to be on a team where he will never be there starter. It’s really that simple.

My hope is that he signs with the Panthers and creates some sort of quarterback controversy over there. I’ve never liked Cam Newton and I’d love to see how he performs when he has a willing and able backup ready to take his job at any moment. Ugh. I miss football.

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