What’s Wrong With The Steelers?

Everything. Everything is wrong with the Steelers. Remember when this was a team that demanded respect? Remember when this was a team that rivaled the Patriots each year for AFC supremacy? Remember Jerome Bettis and Troy Polamalu? Remember Bill Cowher? Yeah, so do I.

Now what do they have? Let’s go down the list:

Ben Roethlisberger. A piece of shit at quarterback who will take any chance he can to put blame on anyone other than his frumpy looking ass. Not even going to bring up how he has been accused of sexual assault on two different occasions. I don’t even want to spend any more time talking about this sad excuse for a man. Nothing his AFC counterpart, Tom Brady, who even at 41 continues to be the standard bearer for excellence and professionalism for NFL players all over the country.

Le’veon Bell. A running back who would rather sit out a year because he thinks he should be paid not only as the highest RB in the league but ALSO paid like a wide receiver. Sorry bud, you gotta pick a position. Can’t have it both ways. You’re great but you’re not THAT great. It makes me laugh when you have football players complaining about money. Or saying they need to “get paid what they are worth”. Get outta my face with that shit. It is a privilege to be in the NFL. You get paid what you’re market value is. If you don’t like it then go do something else because I PROMISE you, no one has any sympathy for you missing out on millions of dollars when you’re already a multi-millionaire.

Antonio Brown. The definition of a Diva Wide Receiver. Not even sure where to start with this headcase. You have ex teammates saying they knew he was going to be a problem, especially once he got his big contract. Then you have the situation where he decided to record a private locker room moment while his coach was giving a speech about getting ready to play the Patriots in the next game. That’s where we got the GREAT quote, “We spotted those assholes a day and a half”. You think that was a quote that Tomlin wanted getting out? Hell no. But Brown doesn’t care about his team, he just wants to get likes and views on social media. Does he care if his team wins? Not really as long as he gets his stats. If his team wins and god forbid he doesn’t get his? He’ll have a little hissy fit on the sideline. Add to that all the shit he has been saying and posting recently on Twitter and Instagram, you can really see what a GREAT teammate he can be!

Mike Tomlin. Lastly you have the overrated coach who ultimately crumbles in crunch time more than he succeeds. Does he have a good overall record? Sure, in his 12 years as a head coach he is 125-66-1. But the 8-7 record in the playoffs and his team continually acting out in public leaves a LOT to be desired. Being labeled a “Players Coach” seems to be something he likes but is that really a good thing? Look at his AFC counterpart Bill Belichick. Considered a cutthroat coach by many, and he has had so much success (9 Super Bowl appearances with 6 titles mean anything to you?) the past two decades that he is wildly considered the greatest coach of all time. Team issues normally start at the top so I’m not sure why Tomlin does not get more of the blame.

And now, Bell will almost certainly be gone. Brown is doing whatever he can to try to force his way out, all while pushing away potential suitors as he does. Ben is gonna be there until he retires so have fun dealing with a QB who will never apologize for throwing interceptions because he, and I quote, is “a quarterback that is going to go out and sling it”. And there is no way Tomlin is going to get relieved of his duties because firing coaches is just not how the Steeleres operate.

Its sad really. As a Patriots fan I always looked forward to the ‘Steelers Week’ or maybe even a matchup in the playoffs! But now I go into the game just kinda assuming the win. I mean, if the Patriots play like shit can the Steelers still win? Yeah sure, of course. But like I said, its sad that now, in order for Pittsburgh to beat New England, the Pats need to play like shit. I remember the days where the Steelers would put up a fight no matter what, now they need wins handed to them? Wow. Just wow. You almost feel bad for them….almost.

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