The Punisher is Gone

This sucks.

I understand why though. I get it. Disney is starting their own streaming service, Disney+, but still, this sucks. If you haven’t watched Season 1 or 2 of The Punisher I HIGHLY recommend it. Jon Bernthal continues the flawless string of castings by Marvel (no, we are not including Edward Norton or Terence Howard). I’ll talk more about what this streaming service means for the character in a sec.

How the fight scenes are shot in this show are what make it stand out though. The punches sound like cinder blocks cracking against someones skin. The amount of blood and violence is also so absurd but seems completely normal within the story of the show. There is a scene towards the end of Season 2 where Castle takes SO much punishment and abuse, only to go into Punisher mode and go completely apeshit on like..8 people at once. One of my favorite fight scenes is in Season 2. Its not even the best one throughout the entire show, but its just awesome how Castle uses his surroundings and just where it takes place:

One of these days I will write a blog listing off my favorite moments from Marvel movies/shows and I am 100% sure that there will be a scene from one of The Punisher seasons in it. It really is a shame that there won’t be a Season 3.

The Punisher is just the next Marvel show to get the axe from Netflix though. Following in the footsteps of Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage and it was also announced today that Jessica Jones will be done after its 3rd season as well. BUT all hope is not completely lost.

There is no doubt that at least two of these shows will be continued on Disney+. Those two shows obviously being The Punisher and Daredevil. Daredevil, by the way, was the first of these shows to debut on Netflix and it was AWESOME (Season 2 is actually when we first meet The Punisher). Daredevil starts a bit slow with the first couple episodes but boy does it pick up! I could literally write 10,000 words about how great that show is and how Charlie Cox legitimately makes you think that he is a blind person, not just an actor pretending to be blind. God damn do I love Marvel.

The real shitty part about all this is that since Marvel had a deal in place with Netflix to bring all these characters to life, there is a liiiiitttllleeeee red tape around the same characters being used on a platform that is NOT Netflix. The deal between the two companies states that these properties cannot be used elsewhere for TWO YEARS after their cancellations. Which means that we would not be able to see all these characters on the screen again until early 2021!

But there is a loop hole here. You know which character WASN’T involved in that original deal with Netflix? Yep, you guessed it..

This leaves Marvel with a bunch of options. They could continue the Netflix Universe on their own streaming service if they’d like, which would probably be the easiest route. OR..and this is what I hope they will do..bring The Punisher into the MCU! How insane would it be if you have Spider-Man swinging through New York fighting some basic bad guys and then out of nowhere Frank Castle comes and FUCKS. SHIT. UP! How about Captain America brings him in to fight Thanos’ cronies because the rest of the Avengers are in shambles! I mean picture this:

Steve Rodgers, frustratingly bangs a table thinking of options to help fight some secondary bad guys. He looks up at Black Widow..”I don’t know what to do Nat, we’re all alone here…”

Black Widow looks up at him..”Well..we could call Fr…”

Cap cuts her off, “No. He is too reckless…I don’t think we need his type of help..”

You hear a raspy voice behind Captain America, “Well actually old man, I think my type of help is exactly what you sorry assholes need right about now.” Out of the shadows walks Frank Castle, with his trademark skull on this bullet proof vest, “Just give me a gun and tell me where to shoot Captain..”

Steve look at Frank, throws an angry glare at Black Widow, then looks back at Castle, “You think I am going to give you a gun? You’re crazier than I thought…”

Castle smirks, “Yeah I kinda figured that, thats why I brought these..” He pulls two giants machine guns from around his back.

Oh my god my nerd-senses are tingling. I gotta stop teasing myself, odds are that will never happen. A man can dream though can’t he!?

Here is a little snippet of one of the best fight scenes Marvel has ever put on screen by the way. This perfectly encapsulates how fucking BADASS Frank Castle is. Jon Bernthal is an absolute madman.

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