DX Is Going To The HOF!

Are you ready?……..I said….ARE. YOU. RRRREEAAADDYYY!?

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. “Wrestling is fake Mike. That means their Hall of Fame is fake too! Who cares!?”

First of all wrestling is pre-determined, not fake, you dunce. You go jump off a ladder through a table and let me know how fake it is. Hell, go run the ropes for 10 minutes and let me know how the bruises on your back feel. Jackass.

Anyway, Degeneration X is being inducted into the Hall of Fame baby! DX was one of the things that drew me to WWF when I was growing up, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Degeneration X perfectly brought to life the angst of any teen watching wrestling at the time. They were brash. They were unfiltered. They pushed boundaries. They were a vital part in the Monday Night Wars and spearheaded the most profitable era in wrestling history: The Attitude Era.

If you know anything about wrestling you know I don’t need to write much about this. Triple H. Shawn Michaels. X-Pac. Billy Gunn. Road Dogg. Chyna (RIP). What a group. All but X-Pac and Chyna (obviously) are still involved with WWE in some capacity, with HHH being the COO and the creator of NXT, which if you don’t know, is one of the best things going in professional wrestling at the moment. It has been for years.

Anyway, play the hits boys!!


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