That Space Video Everyone Is Talking About

So if you haven’t seen it yet, here you go:

Obviously credit Barstool Sports for the tweet and collectively making everyone freak the fuck out today. There have been a few different takes on this video but I have one that I haven’t really seen yet.

How can ANYONE watch this video and not 100% believe that aliens exist.

Like for fucking real. Did you see how BIG this shit is!? Planets. Solar systems. Galaxies. GIGANTIC stars! There’s a possibility of tens of BILLIONS of solar systems, and there are still people out there that think that aliens don’t exist!?

I am not going to dive into all the PROOF that aliens exist, that will be an entirely different blog, but I think this video should be enough to make you come to your senses. Aliens exist. Not the stupid little green ones that everyone thinks about, but like, real aliens.

Think about this for a second: there are over trillions of stars in our galaxy. Every one of those stars has at LEAST one planet tagging along with it. That is at least one TRILLION planets in our galaxy alone. You don’t think there is a possibility of life on one of those planets? How about this: there are hundreds of different galaxies. That means that there are hundreds of trillions of stars that all have at least one planet with them. THAT IS HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF PLANETS! I don’t even know how many zero’s would have to be added to that big of a number.

I just started to freak out a bit thinking about all this..time to wrap this up

Bottom line is if you are still one of the stubborn assholes who thinks that there is no intelligent life out there and that we are the only ones, you are a conceited little shit. We are probably nothing compared to the intelligence that exists in this universe.

P.S. The people who come up with the names for these stars have to be just fucking with us right? Betelgeuse? Really? At least spell it the right way. And UY Scuti? NASA is just throwing letters at a board and seeing what sticks at this point.

P.P.S. The fact that we are on a collision course with another galaxy is absolutely terrifying. I get that the timeline isn’t for billions of years, but what if that changes? What if all of the sudden its gonna happen in like, 2025? Scary shit. Goodnight everyone.

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