All-Star “Game”

With the NBA All Star game happening tonight, I figured I’d give my thoughts on the event. All Star games suck. Pretty much across the board in all sports but with basketball especially.

Why do sports even have All Star games anymore? Its pointless. There’s little to no effort put forth and its just more of a risk for players to get hurt. When was the last time you saw some real defense played in the NBA All Star game? Hmmm? The whole reason we watch sports is for the competitiveness of the thing, and what happens in this game is the exact opposite. How many times can we watch Lebron run down the court and dunk the ball with little to no contest? We see that enough during the regular season!

Its really all a reflection of where basketball is right now too. Defense isn’t ‘cool’ to most of these players. Can’t get a highlight on Sportscenter or FS1 with defense! Nope. Gotta take 5 steps in the lane and dunk it! The dunk by the way is the most overrated play in sports. It is literally the easiest thing you can do on a basketball court! You are literally right at the rim. You just need to drop the ball in the net. If you are in the NBA, a dunk is not impressive to me. Not sure why announcers and commentators act like its some amazing play.

Back to my original point though, the NBA All Star game sucks. BUT the weekend itself isn’t a waste. The skills competition is awesome (shout out to Celtic great, Jayson Tatum, for winning that). The 3-pt competition is pretty entertaining as well. But it isn’t only basketball where the activities of the weekend outshine the game itself. The NFL is the same way. All the other shit they do that weekend is SO much more entertaining that the ‘game’….and I use the term ‘game’ very loosely.

I think any and every All Star game should be scrapped immediately and replaced with just a bunch of skills competitions or other little games between the all stars. You can still get credit for being voted an All Star as well, so all the old, outdated sports writers don’t get their collective panties up in a bunch. Players can still get voted on and whatnot to become an All Star, there is just no need whatsoever to make anyone sit through any attempt at a game. Its disrespectful to sports as a whole!

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