I Hurt My Finger Last Night..

I am playing injured today folks. Let me explain.

Last night coming home from work, Nicole and I decided to get garlic bread from Wal-Mart. I LOVE garlic bread with pasta so I was pretty excited about it. Its the brand that you just pop in the oven and it takes 5-8 minutes (closer to 8 for me, I like mine a bit crunchy). Little did I know that this garlic bread was going to betray me.

I get home and start to prepare the meal. Boil water in a pot. Cook the extra lean ground beef (yeah, we’re a healthy household). And now just sit back and wait. With all my excitement about the meal, which is probably my favorite, I forgot to preheat the oven to cook the garlic bread! This is where it all goes downhill.

The ground beef was already cooked, the pasta was ALREADY in the pot almost done. I was panicking big time. I quickly took the bread out of the freezer, a place I never should have put it to begin with. You’ll find out why as we go on. I go to take the garlic bread out of the box and I realize I forgot to take the cooking trays out of the oven. Classic move by me. I open the oven real quick to take them out, slightly burning my fingers in the process. (No, this is not the way I hurt my finger) I burn myself all the time doing this same exact thing whenever I use the oven so I’m used to it by now. Fight through the pain.

I go to dump the 8 pieces of garlic bread onto the cooking tray and I immediately notice something is different this time. Every single piece is stuck together. What a problem this was. As you know, I did not have time for this shit. I had to get this garlic bread in the oven ASAP or else it would throw off the entire flow of the meal. Here is where the incident occurs.

I easily break the pieces apart from each other. No problem at all. The issue arises when I notice that the cheese from a couple of the pieces was stuck to the underside of the other pieces. So, instead of 8 perfectly cheesy pieces of garlic bread, I had a few pieces that had cheese on both sides! Simple fix right? Just scrape the cheese off onto the piece it came off of and boom, all set. Oh no no, not so fast.

Upon trying to put the cheese back where it should go, I noticed it was frozen solid. I immediately thought to myself, “Shit, I probably shouldn’t have put them in the freezer when I got home. If I was going to start cooking right away, why put them in the freezer? This could’ve been avoided!” Oh well. So I try to scrape the frozen cheese off with my finger, which was a pain in the ass let me tell ya. In my fit of rage, I didn’t even realizing what was happening as I was doing this. The frozen cheese was getting lodged underneath my nail. Further and further with each anger filled motion I did with my thumb.

Before I knew it all the cheese was where it was supposed to be but my thumb was bleeding underneath my nail. Not good. The frozen cheese had gotten so deep under my nail it started to lift my nail up! I just stared at my nail for a second thinking that I had to be the first person ever to hurt themselves, this way, making fucking garlic bread.

Fast forward to this morning: My thumb hurts like a son of a bitch. Everyday tasks are now complicated because I am trying to not put any pressure on my thumb because that immediately causes some discomfort. It may not sound like a hassle but let me ask you something, have you ever tried to tie your shoes without using your thumb? How about put on pants and tuck in a shirt? Here’s a fun one, try wiping your ass with a gimpy thumb. Needless to say my day has been a struggle.

Fear not though, I’m hopeful that I will be fine by tomorrow. Maybe a good nights sleep will rid me of my ailment. I guess time will tell. Just please, if you can, try to appreciate the simplicity of the every day tasks you take for granted. You really never know when life will throw you a curveball and change your life.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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