Frozen 2 Trailer is Here!

Allow me to speak freely here, the trailer itself kinda sucks. Lets just get that out of the way. But just the fact that we are getting any sort of footage from this movie is a plus. I mean did you see the beginning!? OUR GIRL IS IN TROUBLE GUYS! Why is she on this island that apparently has the worlds strongest rip tide that makes it so even the great Elsa can’t escape!? It was pretty badass though so see her running on water like a female Jesus.

And I’d be and idiot if I didn’t point out how amazing that animation was at the beginning. Those waves looked more real than actual waves look. My goodness this movie is gonna be amazing.

But other than Elsa trying to escape the island from hell, we got some Ana seemingly afraid of some floating ice diamonds in one scene while also apparently being trapped on some sort of island, like her sister, a few frames later! We also get a pretty sweet action shot of an army of Sven’s, who I’m sure are on their way to rescue out heroines from certain death. And ‘death’ in this case seems to be….fall? So Elsa is going to be fighting the changing of the seasons apparently. Maybe we get some sort of Autumn Monster made out of leaves or something. Who knows!? All I know is that you can print my ticket for this movie as we speak. But not opening night/weekend though, that coveted spot is only for Marvel movies.

P.S. I really hope we get another banger like ‘Let It Go’ in this movie. Fingers crossed!

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