Chubb Going Down?

The Cleveland Browns have signed Kareem Hunt.

If that sentence holds no weight for you, allow me to explain. Kareem Hunt was accused of domestic violence when a video surfaced of him acting aggressively towards a woman and then kicking said woman in a hotel while she was on the ground. It then came out that Hunt had lied about the situation when the Kansas City Chiefs, his former team, questioned him about he incident prior to the video ever coming to light. Kareem Hunt is not the only player in the NFL to act this way, but he is the most recent piece of shit to get a second chance.

And that brings us to his current suitor: The Cleveland Browns. The team that has been the NFL punchline for the past, what seems like, forever. A team that was FINALLY taking a step in the right direction with cleaning house in their front office. Building an above average defense. And hitching their wagon to a promising young QB with Baker Mayfield.

And then they do this.

I’m not going to go into the moral reasons why the Browns come out of this looking like tone-deaf idiots. Instead, I am going to look at this strictly from a football standpoint. The Browns do not need Kareem Hunt. Hunt is a running back, albeit a great one, but still a running back that Cleveland did not need to acquire. The Browns seemingly had locked down that position for the foreseeable future with 23 year old, second round pick Nick Chubb.

While Hunt is a great on field talent, it seems like the risk is nowhere near worth the reward in this case. In his rookie year, where his playing time was scarce to start the season and increased as it went along, Chubb was performing like a potential star. Compare his 2018 with Hunts last full season which was his rookie year in 2017 and you’ll see that there isn’t a huge difference there:

Chubb: 996 yards rushing, 149 yards receiving, 10 TD’s Hunt: 1327 yards rushing, 455 yards receiving, 11 TD’s

While the former Chief is ahead in every category, the numbers don’t tell the entire story. Hunt ran the ball almost 100 more times than Chubb and tallied up well over double the catches that Chubb had also. Not to mention Kansas City is a team that has a stable identity and coaching staff while the Browns are still trying to deal with the success of winning more than one game last year (something they failed to do in the last 2 seasons).

While Hunt can certainly add more talent to the backfield for Cleveland, is the slight increase in talent really worth it? All the noise around drafting such a polarizing character in Baker Mayfield was finally downgraded to just a whisper, and then they go and do this. The Browns should be keeping their collective heads down and trying to build off their 7 win season last year. Not going out and signing this asshole at a position that they really only needed to add a little depth at this offseason.

I get that in the NFL you just want to have as many good players as possible and let the rest sort itself out. The problem is, you already had a budding star at running back! This reminds me of another running back issue that happened earlier last season with the Saints. They go out and sign Adrian Peterson, a future first round Hall of Famer, at a position that they did not need any more depth at. And look what happened? A few weeks later and Peterson was on the Redskins (an organization that is looking more and more like the future Browns) and the Saints were one win away from getting a chance to lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Point is, sometimes you need to take a look at your team and figure out if the talent is really worth the risk.

At the end of the day, none of this is really going to matter anyway. Hunt will be suspended for 6 games once the NFL and that dink Goodell finish their investigation into this shitshow. And by the time Hunt comes back, there will be another shithead in the league that we all turn out focus to. Yay football!

One thought on “Chubb Going Down?

  1. I like your thoughts on Hunt because he is a dick! (Not sure if I can curse on here but whatever) And overall the reasoning on why the Browns took him is dumbfounded to me as well, but it is what it is, right? Lol, Go Football!


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