Championship Weekend Preview

Championship Weekend. On one hand you have the wunderkind, the Prince That Is Promised going up against the underdog who has finally seemed to put it all together. And on the other you have the dream matchup we’ve been deprived of for so many years. The GOAT vs the False GOAT.  Let’s start with the […]

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Dinosaurs are such a mystery. We like to think we know a lot about them, and what would happen if we replicated them and let them run wild on humanity, but we really don’t know shit about our giant ancestors. I mean, a couple years ago I saw something that said they all might have […]

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Divisional Round Preview

The Divisional Round in the playoffs has always bored me for some reason. Maybe it’s because there doesn’t seem to be as many upsets as Wildcard Weekend or possibly because whenever the Patriots would play, it’d essentially be a warm up game for the AFC Championship. Who knows. But the second round is upon us […]

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The Bathroom Chronicles: Vol. 1

The bathroom is always an adventure for me. It’s very rarely just a “walk in, take it out, do your thing and leave” situation. I’d say 50% of times I use the bathroom, it generally turns into some weird ordeal.  I’ll let you marinate on what an “ordeal” could mean when it comes to me […]

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