How Screwed Are The Patriots?

They’re not. I should honestly end the blog there. Instead of going through and trying to defend my team against all you fairweather, media nonsense gargling “fans” that hear buzzwords like “separation” or “deep threat” and think the sky is falling with this team, I could just sit back and watch the fire burn around […]

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The Titans Are Idiots

I am all for the underdog, “everyone vs us” attitude. I mean shit, the Patriots have been rolling with that mantra for the better part of the last decade for crying out loud. But one thing I do not like, is the forced underdog, “everyone vs us” attitude. Case in point: The Tennessee Titans. Well […]

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The Chiefs Are Mortal

How many no look passes does it take to get to 5-0? Well the Chiefs and Patrick “I’m A God” Mahomes may never know. The Oakland Las Vegas (blah) Raiders finally overcame their boogeyman and beat the Chiefs today 40-32. Yes, this “much improved” Chiefs defense gave up 40 points to the Raiders. You are […]

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Airports Suck

Listen, I’m not breaking new ground here. We all know how terrible airports are. If you’ve had the displeasure of traveling via aircraft, you likely saw this headline and wholeheartedly agreed. Airports do indeed, suck. Well actually, not so much the airport itself, but the critters that go to them and have no idea how […]

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Florida Is Getting Super Mosquitoes

While the world is literally crumbling before our very eyes, the great state of Florida has decided to take a stand on the real matter at hand. Mosquitoes. Insect-combatting tech company Oxitec has created a male mosquito modified so that all of its offspring die before hatching. A plan to release more than 750 million […]

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