Florida Is Getting Super Mosquitoes

While the world is literally crumbling before our very eyes, the great state of Florida has decided to take a stand on the real matter at hand. Mosquitoes. Insect-combatting tech company Oxitec has created a male mosquito modified so that all of its offspring die before hatching. A plan to release more than 750 million […]

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Did Tom Brady Just….

Cum? https://t.co/7NdE6jM1Sk pic.twitter.com/C69gQLNPhe — Tom Brady (@TomBrady) August 18, 2020 Tom Brady definitely just busted all up in his special little TB12 boxers, right? That GIF has never not meant that you just came looking at something because it was so awesome. What the hell man? Who sent that tweet? I have to know. Was […]

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Big Belly Saves Life In China

There are dozens of irrational fears out there. While getting attacked by a great white shark in your pool very clearly tops that list, not far below that would be falling down a sewer grate. I know of people who will actively do whatever it takes to not step on these things. We’re talking bump […]

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